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About us

Who I am: I am a mom with two wonderful children. I have a preschool teaching credential and my training was focused on working with children and families with special needs. I believe that children learn when given opportunities to discover concepts themselves through experimentation, inquiry, and exploratory play.
Why this website: Stockholm has amazing playgrounds and a lot of great places for children and families. We thought it would be a fun project to catalogue all these places and to share them so that tourists and families could find cool things to do around Stockholm when visiting with children.
Writing style: We try to make our entries as objective as possible. Our goal is to simply present playgrounds and play spaces so you can plan with more complete information.

Pictures: We try our best to take photos when the playgrounds are empty. We prefer not to have people, especially children, in our photos to respect everyone's right to their identity. This is why many pictures are taken on rainy days or early in the mornings. However, sometime we are not able to take pictures without anyone in them, so we blur faces. We are dedicated to taking photos ourselves to show that we have been and experienced all the places we present on the site.

Our logo: We based our logo off of the traditional Swedish Dala horse and a spring rider, a popular playground feature we have observed. We also chose to use the traditional colors of Stockholm buildings across the website. Lek's Play is a play on the Swedish word for play "Lek" and the expression "Let's Play".