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Anders Franzens Park

Surrounding area: Anders Franzens playground is located in Stockholm's Henriksdals neighborhood, just east of Södermalm. The park sits amongst a collection of residential high rises and extends from the water to Värmdövägen, a major expressway entering the city. There is a small convenient store across from the park.

Age groups: The playground is most appropriate for preschool and middle school children.

Features: There are a few different playground areas. Near the entrance is a sports field and a fenced area for younger children. Just on the other side of the sports field is a harbor themed area and another area dedicated to sand play. The harbor area is the primary attraction of this park. It contains many child-size buildings with fixtures made from recycled industrial parts. There is a saw mill, a port and dock, and a woodworking shop among others.
The playground features include:
  • In the toddlers' area:
  • Two large swing structures with bucket swings, tire swings, and a basket swing.
  • A miniature basket swing
  • Three small play houses
  • Three slides
  • Two see-saws
  • Five spring riders
  • Two sand pits
  • Two balancing logs and stepping logs
  • A roundabout
  • In the harbor themed area:
  • A Large sand pit
  • A saw mill themed building with a hand crank mechanism
  • A large dock area
  • A large docked boat structure
  • A crane themed structure
  • A two story residence themed building with play kitchen
  • A woodworking shop with a lathe
  • A second story residence themed building with gangway
  • A water mill themed building attached to the gangway
  • A workshop with old machine parts and work bench
  • A round porthole structure
  • A slide
  • A large rope climbing structure
  • Various items from engines and ships
  • In the sand area:
  • Two balance bridges
  • A slide
  • A basket swing
  • A tire swing structure
  • Various sand pits
  • Full sized sports field
  • Simple skatepark
Accessibility: The playground has basket swings but does not have other accessible equipment.

Safety: The area for younger children and the sand play area are entirely fenced in. The harbor themed area is not and does contain reused industrial machines. The machines are inoperable and have been adjusted to be safe.

Shade: The playgrounds do not have much natural shade but the close proximity to large buildings helps create shade during certain times throughout the day.

Seating: There are many benches in each area of the playground.

Picnic area: Each area has some picnic tables.

Restroom and changing table: There are no restrooms in this playground.

Strollers and bikes: Strollers can be moved freely around the park and there is a large bike rack at the park entrance along the sports field.
Anders Franzens Park
Båtklubbsgatan 2​, 120 71 Stockholm
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