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Årstabergsparken: This large park in the south of Stockholm is located in the Liljeholmskajen neighborhood of Liljeholmen. The park has four playground areas that all have unique features. The park is filled with nature. There are bird houses and insect hotels scattered through the park and beautiful views from the top of the hill. You can access a separate page for each section below.

Sjövikskröken: Meaning lake bend, Sjövikskröken is located at a bend in the main road Sjöviksbacken. This section has a small pond and climbing structures. Read more here.

Rävskogen: Meaning fox's forest, Rävskogen is located at the highest elevation. It features a lookout tower over the city. Read more here.

Kråkberget: Meaning crow mountain, Kråkberget features tower structures with big slides. Read more here.

Äventyrsparken (Blockriket): Meaning block kingdom, Blockriket features a maze and sand play. Read more here.
Nybodaringen 93, 117 62 Stockholm
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