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Augustendals 4H-Klubb

Surrounding area: Augustendals 4H-Klubb is located in the Huvudsta neighborhood in Solna, north of Stockholm. It is along the water overlooking the north western part of Kungsholmen. There are shops and restaurants near the station ( Västra Skogen). There is also a small café in the playground.

Age groups: The playground is most appropriate for preschool, middle school, and junior high school children.

Features: The playground is part of 4H-Klubb. It is a miniature farm offering various activities for children and youth with a focus on animals and animal care. The primary feature is the small farm and animal related activities. There is also a theater in the playground. Read more about the Augustendals farm on their website, Facebook, and Instagram.
Features include:
  • Goats, sheep, horses and ponies, rabbits, cats, and chickens.
  • A small climbing structure with a wavy slide
  • A sand pit with play tables
  • A large wavy slide on a hill
  • A swing set with two standard swings, two bucket swings, and a basket swing
  • Two spinning structures
  • A carousel
  • A spring rider
  • A see-saw
  • A sand pit with various wooden balance structures, ropes, and pull up bars
  • A trampoline
  • Two wooden balancing structures and a balance beam on springs
  • A wooden balancing bridge
  • A ping-pong table
Accessibility: The playground has a basket swing but does not have other accessible equipment. The farm has accessible horse back riding that can be booked on their website.

Safety: The playground is very open and not fenced in. There are staff that oversee animal safety. The playground is near the water without a fence. The ground around the play structures is padded.

Shade: There is shade in a few areas with trees but mostly it is open.

Seating: There is seating in most areas.

Picnic area: There is a small cafe with open seating and picnic tables. There is also a public grill.

Restroom and changing table: There is a restroom in the cafe for paying customers only.

Strollers and bikes: There are bike racks near the playground entrance and space to bring and park a stroller.
Augustendals 4H-Klubb
Huvudsta Allé 1, 171 73 Solna

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