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Frequently Asked Questions

What do all the icons mean?
We use icons to highlight the attributes of a play space and categorize them to make it easier for you to understand, search, and plan. See a full legend below.


Fully Fenced
Indicates the entire playground has a fence with a latched gate.
Partially Fenced
Indicates part of the playground is not fenced in.
Indoor Area
Indicates there is an indoor area associated with the outdoor playground.
Toddler Area
Indicates there is a separate area for younger children and babies.
Indicates the playground includes some accessible play equipment.
Public Grill
Indicates there is a public grill available for use at the playground.
Wading Pools
Indicates there is a wading pool in the playground.
Water Closet
Indicates there is a restroom available in the playground or a public restroom within a 5 minute walk.

Water Play

water play
Swimming Pools
Indicates the listing is for a swimming pool.
water play
Indicates the listing is for a beach.
water play
Wading Pools
Indicates the listing is for a playground with a wading pool.


Paid Admission
Indicates there is paid admission to enter the museum.
Free Admission
Indicates there is no admission for the primary experience of the museum.
Indicates there is a restaurant or café in the museum.
Picnic Area
Indicates there is a picnic area where you can eat food you have brought to the museum.
Ages 0-3
Indicates there are elements in the museum appropriate for children between 0 and 3 years old.
Ages 3-7
Indicates there are elements in the museum appropriate for children between 3 and 7 years old.
Ages 7-12
Indicates there are elements in the museum appropriate for children between 7 and 12 years old.
Ages 12+
Indicates there are elements in the museum appropriate for children 12 years and older.
All Ages
Indicates there are elements in the museum appropriate for all ages.
Is Lek's Play paid to include entries on the website?
We are currently not compensated for posting entries on the website.
If you are interested in creating an entry on our site, please contact us.
Do you visit every place on Lek's Play?
In our view, it is important that we experience each and every place we include on the website. We want to provide the most accurate information possible and, in order to do so, we visit every location and take our own photos.
How often do you update entries?
We try to keep our site up to date and often revisit locations, however, sometimes we cannot capture every detail if a structure is broken or if there has been new construction. If there is something we have missed you can submit it at the end of each entry.
What is accessible equipment in a playground?
Accessible equipment are play structures which are made to be used by children with disabilities. Most accessible equipment is designed for children with gross motor disabilities. Examples we often find in playgrounds are seated swings with a harness or carousels that can accommodate wheelchairs.

Basket swings are considered accessible but are very common and baseline. We have chosen not to put an accessible icon on playgrounds with only basket swings. Instead, we try to highlight playgrounds with more purpose-built accessible equipment.