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Fredhällsparkens plaskdamm

Surrounding area: Fredhällsparken plaskdamm is located in Fredhäll on the west end of Kungsholmen in Stockholm. There is a convenience store in the train station and a small grocery store just across the road. There is also a food stand gatukök in front of the train station.

Age groups: The playground is most appropriate for toddlers, preschool, and middle school children.

Features: There is a small boat structure and a swing set along the main path but the primary attraction is the wading pool. In the summer months, the large wading pool is filled with water and regularly cleaned. The water in the pool is a fairly consistent 30 cm, perfect for small children just becoming acquainted with the water.
The playground features include:
  • Various benches and tables surrounding the pool. Most of them are not shaded.
  • Two bird statues in the wading pool that children can climb on.
  • A swing set with two bucket swings and three tire swings.
  • A small sandbox.
  • A small metal climbing structure.
  • A boat themed play structure with a small rope climbing web in an area with gravel.
Accessibility: This playground does not have accessible equipment.

Safety: The play structures are partially fenced in but otherwise there are no other barriers. There is no emergency equipment related to water safety at the park.

Shade: There is some tree cover but the park is mostly open air.

Seating: There are several permanent benches around the pool and in the summer months, temporary lounge chairs are installed on the open grass area.

Picnic area: There are four picnic tables around the pool. The open field is ideal for a picnic.

Restroom and changing table: There is an automatic public toilet with a changing table where Alderbethsgatan meets Frödingsvägen.

Strollers and bikes: There is a lot of open space to put your stroller or bicycle but no specific place to park or lock them.
Fredhällsparkens plaskdamm
Adlerbethsgatan 25, 112 55 Stockholm
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