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Kungsholmens International Library
(Kungsholmens Internationella Biblioteket)
Surrounding area: Kungsholmens International Library is located just a two minute walk from the Fridhemsplan subway station. The library is in an active area with many shops and restaurants.

The library: In 2020, the city library's international book section was moved to Kungsholmen to better promote international languages and culture at a convenient location near the subway station. The library has study areas, free wifi, and copy machines. There is currently construction to build multimedia facilities.

Children's section: There are over 100 languages represented at the library and books for children of all ages. There is a very large selection of children's picture books and a special reading nook with pillows and comfortable seating.
Activities: Most activities are currently canceled due to COVID-19. Currently there is a Swedish with babies event (Svenska med baby) held every week at Kronobergsparken nearby.

Play area: There is no designated play area but there is a small play checkout station in the children's section with a pretend laptop and scanner.

Picnic area: There is a picnic area with high chairs in the library next to the children's section.

Restroom and changing table: There is a free restroom with a child sized toilet and changing table in the children's section. Adult restrooms require a small fee to enter.

Strollers and bikes: There is designated stroller parking area just outside the children's section. There are bike racks just outside the library.
Kungsholmens Internationella biblioteket
Sankt Eriksgatan 33, 112 39 Stockholm
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