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Junibacken is a magical experience. The children's museum has interactive structures aimed at awakening the desire to read in all children. It houses the largest children's book store in Sweden and is dedicated to bringing children into the stories they love. Theater arts are a fixture of the experience with over 1,600 performances a year. A long running Pippi Longstocking performance features children actors and runs multiple times a day.

The museum was creatively conceived between Staffan Götestam and Astrid Lindgren. Staffan Götesam is a well regarded actor and member of the theater community in Sweden. Astrid Lindgren was best known for her children’s books and the character Pippi Longstocking. There are three permanent exhibitions, a semi-temporary exhibit that changes every three years, and a temporary exhibit that changes a couple times a year.

COVID-19: Junibacken has up-to-date information regarding adaptations to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Please read more on their website.
Surrounding area: Junibacken is located on Djurgården, an island in Stockholm known for its museums. Junibacken is situated along the water and has a beautiful view on the city.
Age groups: The museum is most appropriate for children 0 to 12 years old, but is fun for the whole family.
Exhibits: The museum has distinct areas and a large book and souvenir shop with a reading nook.

The Storybook Square (Sagotorget)

is a permanent exhibit featuring many play structures such as pretend play houses, a giant monkey, a big pink dragon, a running wheel, slides, a play airplane, hot dog cart, block play area, and more. All the play structures are inspired from famous children's books: Lassemajas Detective Bureau, Scrap, Pettson and Findus, Mulle Meck, Alfons Åberg, Mamma Mu, Brokiga, and Karlsson on The Roof.

The Story Train (Sagotåget)

is a permanent, simple ride that takes you through some of Astrid Lindgren's most famous stories. One ride is free with admission and you can select audio from 15 different languages.

Pippi Longstocking's Villa Villekulla

is a permanent exhibit where children can play inside the full house of Pippi, with dress up clothes, interactive items, and a slide. During performances of the Pippi Longstocking show, the house is closed.

Topsy turvy with Pippi! (2020)

is a semi-permanent exhibition, with interactive elements from the Pippi stories, including: Pippi's flying bed, a candy store, Pippi's horse (little old man), a circus stage, the large tree from Pippi's garden, Fröken Prysselius' house, Pippi's father's pirate ship, a large bag of gold coins leading to a tunnel of gold, Pippi's airplane, a stage for theater productions with materials for "don't touch the floor" games.


All theater performances are canceled due to the restriction of maximum 8 people in the audience to reduce the spread of COVID-19.


Thursday - Sunday

10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Pricing and memberships:
Private events & parties: Junibacken welcomes birthday celebrations, offering an admission discount for groups of 10 or more. They do not have a private room to host children's events but the museum can be rented for corporate events after hours.

Accessibility: Junibacken is wheelchair accessible although there are some climbing structures. The museum also adheres to EU "Tourism for everybody" standards. You can read more about accessibility at Junibacken here.
Restaurant & picnic area: Junibacken has a restaurant which is dedicated to sustainability. All their ingredients are sustainably and ethically produced as well as certified organic. They can accommodate a wide range of dietary restrictions and offer vegan items on the menu every day. In the summer there is an ice cream kiosk and a small terrace café in addition to the museum restaurant. Packed lunch is not allow inside the museum, but can be eaten outside the museum when weather allows it. There are picnic tables on the lawn.

Toilet & changing table: There are changing tables and accessible toilets in both of Junibacken's bathrooms. There are also child sized toilets in the restroom near the entrance.

Strollers & storage: There are free lockers at the entrance, first come first serve, as well as large coat racks. Strollers are stored outside under a large overhang. If needed, locks can be purchased at the front desk.
Galärvarvsvägen 8, 115 21 Stockholm
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