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Kristinebergs Ekparken

Surrounding area: Kristinebergs Ekparken is located is behind Uggleparken and part of the Kristinebergs Palace. It is full of very old oak trees that provide a natural feeling. The playground is often occupied by children from the nearby school. There is a small grocery and a convenient store next to the Kristineberg train station.

Age groups: The playground is most appropriate for middle school children but can also accommodate preschoolers.

Features: There are distinct areas in the playground including a sports court, a sand play area, a swing area, and an area with climbing structures.
The playground features include:
  • A swing set with two basket swings and four regular swings (no bucket swings)
  • A swinging hammock
  • A basketball / sports court with a low barrier wall
  • A sand area with two tables
  • A low wood climbing structure
  • A small metal climbing structure
  • A tall structure with various climbing features
  • Snake shaped hopscotch
Accessibility: The playground has basket swings but does not have other accessible equipment.

Safety: The playground is partially fenced in.

Shade: The playground is well shaded overall because of large oak trees on one side, and a building on the other.

Seating: There are some benches and structures for seating around the playground.

Picnic area: There is no designated picnic area, but there is a grass area nearby where you can have picnic.

Restroom and changing table: There are no restrooms in this playground but there is an automatic restroom with a changing table on Nordenflychtsvägen on the way to the park from the train station.

Strollers and bikes: There are bike racks near the park's entrance and there is space to move and park a stroller.
Kristinebergs Ekparken
Nordenflychtsvägen 22C, 112 51 Stockholm
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