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O'Learys - Kurva

Surrounding area: O'Leary's is in Skärholmen, south of Stockholm. The restaurant and entertainment center are located in a small shopping mall called Heron City with many shops and restaurants.

Age groups: The indoor entertainment center is most appropriate for children between 6 and up.

Main features: There are 6 different activities at O'Leary's which all have different rules and pricing. There are different bundled package options below:


All bowling rounds are 60 minutes. Saturday and Sunday it is SEK 380 per hour, and weekdays after 5:00 PM. Weekdays before 5:00 PM and all day Monday it is SEK 280 per hour.

Prison Island Escape Rooms

Prison Island is a unique experience. Players get a set amount of time to visit multiple escape cells. They can play as many as they want in the allotted time. There are 30 rooms at this Prison Island. This activity is recommended for children 9 years and older.

Adults are SEK 200 per hour Fridays and weekends, SEK 170 otherwise. Children are SEK 150 Fridays and weekends, SEK 130 otherwise. There are discounts for families and groups or if you buy two hours.

Adventure Golf

There is a miniature golf course with a Stockholm sports theme. Each round is one hour. Adults are SEK 100 Fridays and weekends, SEK 80 otherwise. Children are SEK 60 on Fridays and weekends, SEK 40 otherwise. There is a discount for family groups.


One hour of play is SEK 140, a half hour is SEK 70.


One hour of play is SEK 200, a half hour is SEK 100.

Arcade games

There are a variety of racing and competitive arcade games as well as pinball for between SEK 10 and SEK 40 each. There is a token machine in the arcade hall.

*Closing times. may vary due to COVID-19. You can call to double check closing times.
Pricing: Pricing is according to each activity. Some activities can be booked online, others are drop-in only. Read more on their website here.
Private events & parties: Children's parties are available to book on Saturdays and Sundays between 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM. There is a bowling package and a Prison Island package. Both include food, and option for cake, and an hour to bowl or play.

Restaurant & picnic area: O'Leary's is a restaurant that serves traditional American bar food. Outside food is not welcome. Outside cake for parties is also not allowed.

Strollers & storage: There are storage lockers for the Prison Island game.
Dialoggatan 2, 141 75 Kungens Kurva
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