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The Police Museum


NOTE: The museum is temporarily closed to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The Police Museum engages its visitors in a discussion about security in our society. Like the police themselves, it has a mission to fight crime and keep people safe. Children are invited to experience the police through dress up, role playing, and problem solving.
Surrounding area: The Police Museum is located on Museivägen (museum road), east of Stockholm. The surrounding area is open nature on one side and a cluster of museums on the other side facing the water.
Age groups: The museum is most appropriate for children from 3 years old.
Exhibits: The museum has different exhibits that look into every facet of the Police Authority in Sweden. The majority of the information written in the museum is in Swedish with only some highlights written in English.

Police, Police! (Temporarily closed)

is an exhibit specially dedicated to children. It is made up of an outdoor traffic park and playground, as well as an interactive indoor area. The traffic park is a place where you can rent pedal cars and learn about the rules of traffic (Additional costs: SEK 20 for 20 minutes). The indoor area has a real police car and motorcycle with working intercoms. There are toys and dress up materials as well as a number of riddles intended to help children learn about the police. There is also a scavenger hunt about what to do if you get lost. The hunt is best suited for children between 6 and 10 years old. Younger children can play with the help of an adult.

NOTE: the exhibit is currently closed to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Regarding the Police

is an exhibition that looks at media's portrayal of police and dispels common stereotypes about the police in Sweden.

Clues to the Crime

is an exhibition that explores the forensic side of police work using real investigations from the 20th century. It explores the history of forensic science in police work and also the evolution of the criminal justice system in Sweden over the years.

Us & Them - an exhibition about hate crimes

is an exhibit exploring hate crimes, the impact they have on society, and what you can do as an individual to reduce the acceptance of hate crimes.

The Trigger - 150 Years of Police Photography

is a temporary exhibit looking at the role of police photographers over the last 150 years.

Police Vehicle Collection

is a permanent exhibit showcasing over 50 decommissioned police vehicles. The exhibit is only available by pre-booking, at least four weeks in advance.

Special activities: There are regular special tours for children.
Pricing and memberships:
Private events & parties: The museum is not available for private events or parties.
Accessibility: The museum is wheelchair accessible and other special arrangements can be made if booked in advance. You can read more about accessibility on their website here.

Restaurant & picnic area: There is no restaurant at the museum but the nearby museums have restaurants you can access without admission. There are picnic tables in the small park outside the museum.

Strollers & storage: There are free lockers and stroller parking inside the museum. Strollers are not allowed in the children exhibit.
Museivägen 7, 115 27 Stockholm
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