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Questrooms - Fridhemsplan
Surrounding area: Questrooms is located near Fridhemsplan subway station. The entrance door is slightly hidden between a flower store and a café. You must ring the bell to have the door opened by the host.
Age groups: There are two escape rooms available for children ages 8 - 13 years old, at Questrooms - Fridhemsplan. At least one adult is required in the room with the children for no charge. There is an option to hire an entertainer to be the supervising adult (additional cost).
Escape Rooms: Each room has a theme and they are both considered an easy level of difficulty.
  • The Fugitives: You have been locked in jail for stealing candy and the guard has accidentally been left unconscious. You must find a way to escape before he wakes up.
  • The Ghost Hunters: You are a professional ghost hunter and some has unleashed ghosts. You need to capture the ghost.
Hours: Times must be booked in advance on their website. Visit questrooms.se here.
Pricing: Pricing is based on how many players there will be. The price per person become less with more players. Check the Questrooms website for season discounts.
Private events & parties: Questrooms hosts birthday parties, please call or email for details and pricing.
Questrooms - Fridhemsplan
Sankt Eriksgatan 33A, 112 39 Stockholm
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