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Rålis Parklek

Surrounding area: Rålis Parklek is a very large playground in Rålambshovsparken along the southern shore of Kungsholmen. It is between the Fridhemsplan or Thoridsplan subway stations. Within Rålambshovsparken there is a restaurant and, a short walk away along the water, there is many shops and restaurant around Fridhemsplan station.

Age groups: The playground is most appropriate for preschool, middle school, and junior high school children.

Features: There is no specific theme for the park but much of it is DIY, with home built decor and games or playthings all around the park. There are many painted characters like Pippi Longstocking, Babblarna, Alfons (Alfie), but also the Moomins, Pokémon, Minions, Marvel superheroes and more. The playground include a small wading pool and an indoor area. During the playground operating hours toys like bikes, giant connect four and more are put out and the indoor area is open (more information on their Facebook page here). The indoor area has a kitchen with tables and baby chairs, various seating, a small room for toddler with toys and books, but also a ping-pong table, table football, and an air hockey table.
There is also an open school (more information on their Facebook page here).
The playground features include:
  • In the green area:
  • A zip line
  • A swing set with a bucket swing, an accessible swing, and two tire swings
  • A large tick tack toe board
  • A play horse stable with a horse jumping course
  • A mini golf strip
  • A bowling alley
  • A very wide variety of marble runs
  • In the red area:
  • A large blue climbing structure, most appropriate for older children
  • A sand play area with a table and sand manipulation station
  • A small structure with a slide and a spring rider, most appropriate for preschoolers
  • A large pirate ship themed structure, with many climbing features and a slide
  • Giraffe themed pull-up bars
  • A spring rider
  • A see-saw
  • Spinning poles
  • Stepping platforms
  • Balance beams
  • Rope balance structure
  • A road themed area with tricycles during operating hours
  • In the yellow area:
  • A wading pool
  • A small forest with a monster theme
  • A small snake themed sand pit
  • Two goals when the wading pool is empty
  • A car wash and repair shop themed play house
  • A carpentering area where staff sometimes organize activities
  • A pretend play cake shop
  • A pretend play zoo
  • Two spinning structures
  • A ping-pong table
  • In the blue area:
  • A Pippi Longstocking play house with her horse
  • A pirate ship structure
  • A castle themed play house
  • A play jail
  • A play horse stable
  • A play skate shop
  • A small half pipe for skateboarding
  • A large wavy slide on a hill
  • A basket swing
  • A small sports field with two large goals
Accessibility: The playground has an accessible swing seat, as well as a basket swing.

Safety: The playground is large but has a good visibility within each area. The playground is not fenced. Most playground areas have soft sand. The staff often repair missing or broken things throughout the park for safety.

Shade: The playground is very well shaded for the most part but there are some open areas.

Seating: There is a lot of seating in each area of the park.

Picnic area: There is a covered picnic area with a grill. There are also picnic tables in front of the pirate ship structure and in front of the indoor area on a large deck overseeing the playground.

Restroom and changing table: There is a restroom and changing table available during park operating hours in the indoor area. There are also automatic toilets in Rålambshovsparken on the way from the playground to the water.

Strollers and bikes: There are two designated stroller areas along the main path in front of the indoor area and in a small covered area nearby. There are no bike locks in the playground.
Rålis Parklek
Smedsuddsvägen 6, 112 35 Stockholm
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