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Sätrastrandsbadets Lekplats

Surrounding area: Sätrastrandsbadets Lekplats is located at Sätrastrandsbadets (read our entry here) in Skärholmen south of Stockholm center. There are not many shops or restaurants within walking distance from the playground but there is a nearby food stall open in the summer.

Age groups: The playground is most appropriate for preschool and middle school children.

Features: This is a full sized playground right on the beach.
Features include:
  • A large yellow climbing structure with a slide and rope bridge
  • A large, two level, boat themed structure with a slide
  • A spring see-saw
  • A sailboat themed spinning structure
  • A swing set with one bucket swing and four standard swings
  • Various hammocks and bench swings
Accessibility: This playground does not have accessible equipment.

Safety: The playground is on soft sand. It is located close to the water and is not fenced in.

Shade: There is very little shade in the playground. It is very open.

Seating: There are benches near the playground.

Picnic area: There are some picnic tables near the food stand.

Restroom and changing table: There are restrooms here in the summer.

Strollers and bikes: There are bike racks behind the restrooms and place to bring and park a stroller.
Sätrastrandsbadets Lekplats
Alsätravägen, 127 36 Skärholmen
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