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Skansen Open-air Museum

Skansen Open-air Museum is a one of a kind preservation of Sweden before the industrial revolution. Founded in 1891 by folklorist and scholar Artur Hazelius, the museum has painstakingly acquired over 150 different structures from all over the country including a recreation of a 19th century village with trade craft shops, farms, and more.

Across 30 hectares of land you will find many things including buildings as old as the 14th century, craftspeople at work baking or blowing glass, a concert venue, and a zoo. Entering through the gates of Skansen is traveling through time and meeting people from across three centuries.

COVID-19: Skansen has made some adjustments to tours and schedules as well as access to indoor activities to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Read more on their website about these adaptations.
Surrounding area: Skansen is the largest museum on Djurgården, located just east of Stockholm center. There are shops and restaurants inside Skansen for all tastes.
Age groups: The museum is appropriate for children of all ages.
Exhibits: Skansen is a fount of discovery for everyone. There are a number of distinct areas but countless details to be explored and found in between. These are the main attractions at Skansen:

Skansen through Time and History

While exploring skansen you will travel through time from 1720 to 1965 and visit houses, shops, and workshops. There you will meet people in traditional costume like a glass blower, a baker (that sells pastries made by historical methods), book binders, and more.

Lill-Skansen (Temporarily closed)

is located in the northern part of the museum. It has a large indoor area with a fish pond and habitats for rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, and other animals. Outside you will find goats, ducks, and pigs. There is also a large snake themed slide, as well as small tunnel network connected to the rabbit habitat for children to go through. This area has its own mascot, Little Kott. There is a small gift shop at Lill-Skansen.

NOTE: this exhibit is currently closed to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Domestic Animal Zoo

In bringing the story of the 19th century to life, there are many domestic animals around Skansen to help show the important role animals have had in the lives of people through history. You will see cows, horses, sheep, geese, pigs, and more as you visit each homestead.

Nordic Animal Zoo

Skansen is home to wild Nordic animals such as wolves, moose, lynxes, wolverines, seals and otters. The museum has several species that are part of national and international conservation projects, including European green toads, sand lizards, broad-fingered crayfish, European bison, otters and wolverines. Cooperation with various conservation bodies also aims to ensure an exchange of knowledge and information that helps with conservation and creates opportunities to reintroduce animals into the wild. You will see the Nordic animal habitats around the north eastern perimeter of the museum.

Skansen-Akvariet (Aquarium and Zoo)

is located just east of the main entrance and has an additional fee of SEK 120 for adults and SEK 70 for children. The zoo houses a number of exotic animals including baboons, lemurs, crocodiles, and tarantulas. You will walk through a lemur and a monkey habitat. The zoo also has it own gift shop.

Baltic Sea Science Center(Temporarily closed)

is located just east of the main entrance, just past Skansen-Akvariet. It houses an aquarium with sea life from the Baltic Sea as well as exhibits about conservation and environmental impact. There is also a teaching laboratory in the building that welcomes students and school groups.

Galejan Tivoli

is located just east of the main entrance, past the Baltic Sea Science Center. This small amusement park has been here in Skansen since 1901. There are some gallery games and small rides as well as a carousel. Rides are purchased separately from your Skansen entrance ticket.


Skansen has two playgrounds. Read our entries on Lekplats Päronparken and Ekorrparken playground.


Skansen is full of gardens. In 1891 vegetation was planted to match the environs of the historical buildings and areas they came from. Today you can still see a variety of plants and gardens across Skansen including a tobacco farm, colony houses, a rose garden, and fruit trees.

Special activities: There is always something going on at Skansen. We have compiled a list with some highlights but there are many more. You can find more about activities and events on their calendar.
  • Astrid Lindgrens world at Skansen
  • Midsommer, Sweden’s National Day, Walpurgis Night, Lucia celebrations and other major Swedish Holidays
  • Christmas Market and other Christmas celebrations
  • Children's theater at Lill-Skansen
  • Children's circus in the winter


10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Pricing and memberships:

Skansen offers pricing for tour groups. During the low season (October and November) admission is reduced.

Private events & parties: There are a number of accommodations for private events and parties at Skansen. For inquiries please contact the museum.

Accessibility: Skansen's vision is to be world-class, fun-filled and accessible to everyone. With that in mind they have a number of resources for accessibility here on their website.
The best way to enter Skansen in a wheel chair is by using the Hazelius entrance where guests can use the furnicular railway for free accompanied by one person.
Restaurant & picnic area: There are many restaurants, food stalls, and cafés in Skansen. You can find full listings here on their website. Outside food is welcome in the museum and they have suggested picnic areas for all seasons.

Toilet & changing table: There are toilets located in many locations including right next to the entrance of the museum. There are toilets for young children at Lill-Skansen. For more information visit this page on the Skansen website.

Strollers & storage: Strollers are allowed in the park but not indoors. There are designated areas to park your stroller at most entrances of each indoor area. You can also rent a stroller at Skansen's main entrance for a small fee.
Djurgårdsslätten 49-51, 115 21 Stockholm
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