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Solvikangens Lekplats

Surrounding area: Solvikangens Lekplats is located at the entrance to the Solviksbadet, a local beach in Bromma, west of Stockholm. The area is primarily residential and there are very few shops and restaurants nearby.

Age groups: The playground is most appropriate for preschool and middle school children.

Features: The playground has a large field on one side and wooded are on the other.
The playground features include:
  • A climbing structure with a rope bridge and slide
  • A small play house
  • A sand pit
  • A sand play climbing structure
  • A swing set with two bucket swings, two tire swings, and two standard swings
Accessibility: There is no accessible equipment in this playground.

Safety: The playground has very high visibility due to the open field next to it. The playground is not fenced in.

Shade: Part of the day there is shade provided by the wooded area on one side of the playground. There is also a shaded seating area.

Seating: There are some benches in the playground.

Picnic area: There is one picnic table next to the playground and a large grass area where you can put a blanket.

Restroom and changing table: There is a restroom with a changing table near the beach, less than five minutes walk from the playground.

Strollers and bikes: There are bike racks near the beach. While there is no designated stroller parking, there is space to bring and leave them.
Solvikangens Lekplats
Alviksvägen 181, 167 62 Bromma
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