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Surrounding area: Solviksbadet is located in Alvik, west of Stockholm. There is a food kiosk just next to the beach. There is a small parking lot but it can fill up quickly.

Features: The swimming area is quite large and there are two large decks. Other features include:
  • A large deck with a diving board
  • A small swing set with two bucket swings
  • A spring rider
  • Wooden lounge chairs
  • There is a larger playground leading to the beach. Read our entry about Solvikangens Lekplats.
Safety: There are two life preservers near the water and a barrier in the summer to prevent swimmers from venturing too far from shore.

Shade: There is limited shaded seating near the kiosk.

Seating: There are lounge chairs on the beach and some seating near the kiosk.

Picnic area: There are no picnic tables at the beach.

Restroom and changing table: There is a restroom attached to the food stall.

Strollers and bikes: There are bike racks near the parking lot and space to bring and park strollers. The pathway to the beach is unpaved if you are walking from Alviksvägen.
167 63 Bromma
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