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The Museum of Technology

(Tekniska Museet)
The Museum of Technology inspires exploration and discovery for children of all ages. The museum is responsible for Sweden's technological cultural history and is focused on highlighting developments in engineering and science. Their vision is to be every little genius' favorite place.
Surrounding area: Tekniska is located on Museivägen (museum road), east of Stockholm. The surrounding area is open nature on one side and a cluster of museums on the other side facing the water.
Age groups: The museum is most appropriate for children from 3 years old.
Exhibits: Tekniska has 11 ongoing or permanent exhibitions as well as space for traveling exhibitions. Both children and adults will find no shortage of engaging technological history at the museum.

Mathematics Garden

is a playground just outside the museum. The playground has a number of different structures focused on special numbers and unique mathematics principles. There are structures for making music, mind puzzles, a triangle climbing net, and more. There are 25 stations to explore.


is an exhibit dedicated to the wonders of the human mind. There are over 50 stations in this exhibit where you can interact with technology. There is an eye tracking paint station, a sculpting with your body station, a play construction zone, and more. There is also an indoor playground with a slide, two mazes, some low climbing structures, and interactive games. The Megamind exhibit is especially reserved for children with disabilities on occasion. Check their calendar for more information.

Hyper Human

explores technology's role in making us more than human. It specifically explores the technologies and ethical questions behind mechanical human enhancement, genome editing, surveillance, artificial intelligence, and life extension technologies.

Play Beyond Play

looks at everything from the evocative nature of immersive game play to the nostalgia and fan cultures of video games. The exhibit has virtual reality stations, experimental game mechanics, an immersive video game history presentation, as well as gaming stations. Children have the opportunity to learn about video game development and to try a number of video games themselves.

The Mine

is in the basement of the museum and it explores the history of mining. This dangerous industrial work has a deep history in Sweden. The exhibit features a recreation of mining tunnels filled with figures and scenes through mining's history until modern times.

The Model Railway (Temporarily closed)

is located in a small room located next to the shop in the museum entrance. The 1:87 scale model contains over 50 meters of track from 6 separate train sets. Uno Milton, the creator, put over 3,500 hours into the creation of the model over 7 years. Everything except for the trains themselves were built by hand. The model, which is over 70 years old, is appreciated by the young and old.

NOTE: this exhibit is currently closed to reduce the spread of COVID-19.


is located in the basement of the museum. This is an exhibit for play. Children can explore mechanics, light, sounds, and more through innovative stations and toys.

100 Innovations

is located in the first large room. It is a collection of inventions that were chosen by elementary students and their teachers as the most influential innovations in history. Here you will find everything from early automobiles, bicycles, rockets, robots, and more.

Christopher Polhem - back to the future

is an exhibit that presents the inventions of Christopher Polhem, a famous Swedish inventor. His most notable contributions were to mechanics involved in the mining industry.

Digital models - new ways to explore archives

is an exhibit showcasing digital preservation. Tekniska owns and maintains a massive record of documents, photos, and media about Sweden's technological history. Some of those archives are on display here in physical and digital form. The exhibit shows the ongoing work to digitize the archive.

SKØTM - amateur radio station (Temporarily closed)

is run by the SSA, and amateur radio association in Sweden. Over 50 volunteers run the exhibit. In the exhibit children can explore shortwave, ultra-shortwave and digital radio transmission. They can even send a message in Morse code.

NOTE: this exhibit is currently closed to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Moving to Mars (Mars 2020 to January 2021)

is a temporary exhibit from the London Design Museum that looks at the experience of living on mars, getting there, and the level of detail needed to survive in such a far off place. The exhibit will show over 150 items from previous space missions and explore the details of a mission to mars.

Special activities: As a national museum, Tekniska has a bold responsibility to preserve Sweden's technological history and promote STEM. The museum runs a number of programs, special events, and workshops.
  • Mega Weekends: A few times a year the museum hosts a number of additional events inside the museum that enhance existing exhibitions. Read more on their website about past Mega Weekends to get an idea of the additional activities.
  • Maker Tour is a group from the museum that runs activities to promote technology among youth.
  • Summer School Courses: The museum has summer school courses (in Swedish) for children that want to learn about coding or game development.
NOTE: there have been many changes to these programs to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Tuesday - Sunday

10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Pricing and memberships:
Private events & parties: The museum hosts private events and parties for adults and children. There is a specific children's party package with the restaurant.
Accessibility: The museum can accommodate anyone that would like to visit. See more on their planning page. Additionally, the MegaMind exhibit is reserved for children with disabilities on occasion. View the calendar for more information.

Restaurant & picnic area: The museum has its own restaurant, Tekniska by Pontus. Lunch is served from 11:00 AM to 2:30 PM when the museum is open. You can read more about the restaurants here.
There is a designated picnic area near the storage room in the museum entrance. There are microwaves, a sink, and coffee vending machine in this area.

Strollers & storage: There is a designated stroller parking area just after you enter the museum. Strollers are not allowed in the exhibits. There are also free storage lockers and coat racks.
Tekniska Museet
Museivägen 7, 115 27 Stockholm
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