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Tom Tits Experiment

Tom Tits Experiment is a museum for discovery. The museum contains four floors of interactive experiments for children and adults, an outdoor playground, and more. The name "Tom Tits" was inspired by the 19th century French author, Arthur Good, who published articles about amusing experiments to do at home under the pen name Tom Tit.

Surrounding area: Tom Tits Experiment is located in Södertälje, south of Stockholm. It is about one hour from Stockholm center by public transportation. It is most easily reached by the Pendeltåg (commuter train) and a short bus ride from Södertälje Centrum. Bus 754 is the most convenient line take because the bus stop is right beside Tom tits Expermiment entrence (bus stop Södertälje Centrifugen). The museum is located near many shops and restaurants in the center of Södertälje.

Age groups: The museum is most appropriate for children from 3 years old.
Exhibits: Tom Tits has 9 specific exhibitions with hundreds of experiments and countless interactive objects. Every child has the opportunity to explore and discover the wonders of science.

NOTE: Some interactive objects and experiments are closed to help reduce the spread of COVID-19

Power & Movement

This exhibit is dedicated to kinetic forces and magnetism. Children can explore gears and pulleys, centrifugal forces, play tic-tac-toe with a robot, and play on the Slinky treadmill. There are over 60 interactive elements in this exhibition which takes up most of the ground floor.

The Human Body

This exhibit is focused on molecular biology and the human body. It is full of medical models that can be touched and taken apart, there is a giant heart to climb in, and experiments about what our bodies can do. There are over 60 interactive objects and experiments in this exhibit.

Our Senses

This exhibition explores our senses and how they all work together. There are also cooperative puzzles and games in this exhibition. Trick your mind with mirrors, sit on needles, or walk through complete darkness. This exhibition has over 30 interactive objects and experiments.

The Illusion Gallery

This exhibition is full of optical illusions and visual tricks in the form of paintings and other art. There are over 70 pieces in this exhibit.

The Dark Rooms

This exhibition is full of lights and shadows. Play with lasers, walk under a cascade of steam, or step into a giant soap bubble. This exhibit has over 10 interactive experiments.

The Periodic Table

This small theater is in the shape of the periodic table, each seat a different element. This room also has additional objects of interest like a square meter cube to climb into, a giant 20-sided icosahedron, and a giant marble labyrinth. There are over 10 interactive objects and experiments in this exhibit.

The Water Department

This exhibit is all about water. There are 30 different interactive objects and experiments in this exhibit that explore the forces behind pressure, buoyancy, and surface tension.

Children can get wet in this part of the museum.

Norther Park

The north park is outside and has a lot of water play elements including a sluice dam, a bike powered shower, and a giant bell fountain. Children are free to play with water and get wet.

Children can get wet in this part of the museum.

NOTE: The outdoor area is typically open from the 1st of May through September 30th each year.

Southern Park

The southern park has a small river, a big well, and a giant wind turbine. There are some rides in this part of the outdoor playground and a human yo-yo.

Children can get wet in this part of the museum.

NOTE:The outdoor area is typically open from the 1st of May through September 30th each year.


The maker space is a place to create, imagine, and construct themed projects with a guide.

Special activities: Tom Tits has a variety of special events and activities. You can see more on their pages about shows and courses. Some examples of special activities include:
  • Program a Robot Together: This is a course for children between 9 and 12 years old to learn about programming. The course is for one child and one adult and is conducted in Swedish or English.
  • The Soap Bubble Show: This is a special show exploring bubbles of all shapes and sizes, what makes a bubble and why, and it is incredibly fun.

Friday - Sunday

10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Pricing and memberships:
Private events & parties: The museum hosts private events and parties for adults and children.
There are three different party packages for children. Read more about these offers on their website.

NOTE: Children's parties are temporarily not permitted to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.
Accessibility: The museum has plenty to do for people of all ability, however some experiments are not accessible. Wheelchairs can be borrowed and there are a number of ramps as well as elevators and accessible restrooms on all floors.

Restaurant & picnic area: The museum has its own restaurant and café. The restaurant is temporarily closed to reduce the spread of COVID-19 but the café is open regular museum hours.
There is a large picnic area next to the lockers where school classes or guests may eat their brought food. There is a restroom and microwave in this area on the ground floor.

Strollers & storage: There is stroller parking and lockers in the museum. Lockers must be locked with a token for SEK 5. Strollers are allowed in the museum and in the playground.
Tom Tits Experiment
Storgatan 33, 151 27 Södertälje
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