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Surrounding area: Triangelparken is located in the Blåsut neighborhood south of Stockholm center. There are shops and restaurants near the Sandsborg subway station.

Age groups: The playground is most appropriate for preschool and middle school children.

Features: The playground is in the shape of a large triangle between three intersecting roads and has a lot of features.
In the separated toddler area:
  • A small green balance bridge
  • A red slide structure
  • A red spinning structure
  • A see-saw
  • Various blue and yellow climbing and balancing blocks
In the area for older children:
  • A large climbing structure with a bridge and a slide
  • A balancing log
  • A large sand pit with two excavators
  • A large swing set with two bucket swings, two tire swings, two standard swings, and a basket swing
  • Two blue play houses
  • Three stone horse structures
  • Large hills in the concrete for bikes or scooters
  • A small sports field
Accessibility: The playground has a basket swing but does not have other accessible equipment.

Safety: The playground is entirely fenced in and visibility is very good.

Shade: There are many trees in the playground that provide shade.

Seating: There are tables and benches through the playground.

Picnic area: There are picnic tables inside the playground.

Restroom and changing table: The nearest restroom is at the Sandsborg subway station.

Strollers and bikes: There are bike racks near both playground entrances and space to bring and park a stroller.
Triangelvägen 13, 122 32 Enskede
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