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Valleby (at rbreparken)

Surrounding area: Valleby is located in Skogäs, near Farsta, south of Stockholm. It is in the middle of a residential area. There is a small convenient store near the Studievägen bus stop next to the playground.

Age groups: The playground is most appropriate for preschool and middle school children.

Features: Valleby is based on the fictional town in Lasse Majas Detektivbyrå, the illustrated children's book series by Martin Widmark and Helena Willis. This playground is truly full of unique pretend play structures created by Lekplatsbolaget. Each building and structure has a lot of detail, down to the interior of each play house.
Features include:
  • A small light house
  • A crane with a rope climbing structure
  • A boat structure
  • A hotel themed building with a slide
  • A bench on springs
  • A pretend play ice cream stall
  • A jeweler themed building
  • A café themed building with counter and patio
  • A police station themed building with a small jail cell inside
  • A pet store themed building with wooden animals
  • An optometrist themed building with optometry equipment inside
  • A machine shop themed building
  • A food stall themed building
  • A miniature car with an open camper attached
  • Two small tents and a laundry line
  • A small camping reception building
  • A sand pit
  • A miniature playground
  • A large chair made of books with surrounding book shelve benches
  • A swing set with two bucket swings
  • A swing set with four standard swings
  • A small sports field with goals
Accessibility: This playground does not have accessible equipment.

Safety: Visibility is pretty good in the playground. It is not fenced in. All of the interactive elements within the playground are bolted down or modified to be safe.

Shade: There are trees and buildings that provide good shade through the day.

Seating: There are benches and picnic tables within the playground.

Picnic area: There is a public grill and picnic tables just up a small hill from the playground.

Restroom and changing table: There are temporary restrooms available in the summer.

Strollers and bikes: There are no bike racks at this playground but space to bring and park a stroller.
Valleby (vid Härbreparken)
Storvretsvägen 44, 142 34 Skogås
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